About Danielle

Danielle is endlessly interested in global supply chains. She has channeled her interest into food systems recipe development and farming. Danielle uses the lens of food to expose the extractive nature of our global economy and the lack of connection most of us feel between the food we eat and the people and land that grew it. Danielle founded a farm box delivery business, Illuminate Food, in 2020 where she worked with many local farms and makers to bring the best of the region to people’s doors. 

Danielle’s mission is to shed light on global supply chains and the mystery of raw materials and ingredients, where they come from, and how they are produced. Danielle loves to learn about plants and the natural world and is currently dreaming of starting a beans and flower farm with her partner Theo, her angel dog Ollie and her friend Maddie, an incredible natural dye artist. 

You can find her walking the beach in Rockaway where she lives, working at Edgemere Farm in Far Rockaway, dancing with the Sea Dance Collective, studying Human Design, or making food for people.